International Line Builders is an electrical utility contractor that specializes in overhead transmission and distribution power line construction. ILB is committed to its sustainable best practices in our daily operations. Our sustainability program works to identify areas to reduce waste, improve efficiency and to monitor sustainability targets and initiatives. ILB’s focus is to work with diverse companies with strong sustainability best practices.  Tracking will reflect ILB’s new West Sacramento location. Monitoring began in 2016.

  • ILB has invested over $3,000,000 in fleet and equipment upgrades, which represents the newest technology in reducing vehicle emissions and improving fuel efficiency.
  • ILB has invested over $500,000 in environmental mats. These mats are used in environmentally sensitive work areas. They are reusable and easy to clean and they drastically reduce water consumption for dust control.
  • ILB has gone to digital invoicing, scheduling, safety reports, safety meetings, daily logs and daily time sheets to reduce the amount of paper waste to work toward our CO2 reduction goal.
  • ILB tracks its environmental compliance Issues. ILB has received zero compliance issues regarding spills or contamination for 2015 and 2016.

International Line Builders is part of MDU Construction Services Group, Inc. With 5,500 skilled employees across the country and authorization to work in 43 states, MDU Construction Services Group provides industry-leading construction services. MDU Construction Services Group is a subsidiary of MDU Resources Group, Inc.

MDU Resources Group manages its business with a long-term view toward sustainable operations, focusing on how economic, environmental and social impacts help us in Building a Strong America®. Read MDU Resources’ sustainability statement at

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